Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mixed bag

I have been trying to get back into blogging but I haven't been able to , its not like I was an active blogger any ways.But today a part of me feels that words will help me set certain things straight or at least lessen the burden.
I don't have a particular topic on my mind on which I would like to propose my theories or make pass comments on but just few things that have captured my interest.
Death- Its an end of an era,I have heard people say.The man lead a peaceful life but his end was not so peaceful.Death is a phenomenon so mystical yet so humble in many ways.Its a fact that people die,I will someday and you will too. But yet when it hits you it leaves an impact so deep on your mind that you find yourself faced with unanswered queries. Very few deaths have touched me,and made me so emotional that I have cried my heart out.From my personal experience I have found that it is not required that the deceased be your blood relative or your closest friend for such a thing to happen. There are a few others who in some odd way brings back so many different emotion at the mention of their name. And when you learn of their death,you take a moment to recover from the shock.its not like death hasnt knocked on your door before and take away someone close to you,yet this seems to happen all over again.
All we can do is cherish those memories and move on..

Expectations- Its not a sin to expect something of a person. But to expect others not to expect things off you ,thats hypoctitical. Why do people have to fulfil someone elses expectations? The moment we are born into this world our parents expect, rather hope, us to be angels who wil behave and not make them go through hell,which we do anyways.Then there is the phase where you are expected to behave in a society in a way which suits your status.The expectation bestowed upon you by your parents mount when you are in school and anything less than 100% or #1 in class is letting them down,not respecting their hardwork ,their desire to see you grow into the pesron that they want us to be.Iknow its all for the best but honestly is that all it takes to become someone?be first on class ?they expect to get the best out of you.We talk about having faith in a person,telling them that they can accomplish anything they want to.But honestly people isnt there a logical limit to the position to which a person can rise taking into account the current trend and his past trends? Then why is it that false hopes are the best weapon people can find to drive us to a point where we feel powerless ,having put all our effort into something that was worthless? Do people just say it for the sake of saying it? who can tell us what our potential is for real and not show us a picture perfect portrait of a "happily ever after " life that is unattainable? well its all about learning the art of chossing the people whom you can trust ,I guess. And also open your eyes to see the world for what it is.


Sandy said...

Welcome back to blogsville Aashu! Although I might never be able to understand what you are going through as you write this post, I am glad you can express yourself and lessen the burden.
Things will get better, they always do.

Fantasy Raconteur said...

Astitva..... n d posts about Death n expectations n d poem b4 dat r cool stuffs..... keep up d gud work.... :)